David Jaffe's Game Not at Leipzig

Ripten's Patrick Steen writes:

"I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Eat Sleep Play's new PlayStation 3 game won't be at the Leipzig Games Convention, despite our hoping and praying. The good news is that I've coaxed David Jaffe into detailing when we might be lucky enough to see the new project."

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Relcom3722d ago

Jaffe himself got on and said it won't be there for showing to the public.

theKiller3722d ago

i say jiff its better be a damn good game, we r approaching ps3 3rd year and still nothing from u?? and for god sake its better not be twisted metal games, u already made enough on psp and ps2!! now time for new IP!

LarVanian3721d ago

Did we all somehow warp a year into the future? Dude the PS3 hasn't even been out for two years.

theKiller3721d ago

by november ps3 would have completed 2 years, so by december ps3 would be entering its third year, i never said ps3 has been out for 3 years!!

DavidMacDougall3722d ago

Kinda good news

Just means Sonys got one more thing at Leipzig to tell me i didnt know

yoghurt3721d ago

not approaching ps3's third year everywhere, its only been out 16 months in UK

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