Sex, Mario and Videogames - Nintendo will improve your sex life

This gameplayer article looks at the co-op mode in Super Mario Galaxy, one of the best selling titles on Wii, and how it can infact act to improve your sex life.

"C'mon admit it guys, gaming wasn't doing wonders for the old sex life now was it? But no matter, with the birth of the internet top tier German porn was but a button click away and after all, someone had to stop the Strogg from enslaving mankind. Right? RIGHT?! God, for some mysterious reason we must have all gone blind! Did being a gamer really mean we had to swap our sex drive, for a c-drive?"

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SlappingOysters3808d ago

Improving your sex life assumes you have one already...

Seriously though, most of the game I play a ignored by my chick expect for the LEGO series, and the old-school Nintendo stuff.

DevastationEve3808d ago

Ron Jeremy. That's enough proof that some of of us just don't belong in porn:P And what's with the mention of "german hardcore porn"? Everyone knows it's the Amish who do the best:P And old people!

jay23808d ago

Oh, ok so I'll have some better sex tonight then as I play Galaxy again GREAT!.

SpecialSauce3808d ago

i guess if ur [email protected] im mean some of the games on wii get people to do some weird shyt wid the controller. (u know what i mean)

f7897903808d ago

What are those gloves really for?