Real-time Combat isn’t the End of the World for the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Gamemoir's Nick D. takes a look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake's change from turn-based to real-time combat and explains why this might be the best decision for the direction of the game. #finalfantasyviiremake

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Lennoxb632615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

One thing I've noticed in the different tastes in Xbox and PS gamers is the type of interaction. PS gamers don't mind having SOME control taken away from them. Xbox gamers like to get straight to the action and control all of it.

Lots of PS games include:
-Longer cutscenes
-Texted Dialogue sections
-Menus to control character's actions
-Limited movement (think FF tactics)

Not that those things are bad, just a different taste of games. Of course there are games on PS that don't fit those descriptions though.

rainslacker2614d ago

Sounds like your saying that PS gamers enjoy games with deeper stories(first two things), deeper game play(3rd), and what(4th)? FF tactics was more control of characters than most mainstream games today.

FallenAngel19842615d ago

The Final Fantasy franchise has been headed towards more real time combat since FFXI, its a great evolution of the series

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FallenAngel19842615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Wtf you mean genre change? It's still in the JRPG genre. Final Fantasy started deviating from the Dragon Quest battle system formula since FFIV and it's all the better for it. The series benefited greatly from changing the battle system a lot. As a result of this, Final Fantasy is the much more globally appealing RPG series than Dragon Quest.

Also you're wrong about this mythological decline. FFXI was the highest profitable game in the entire franchise thanks to its MMO nature.

That is before FFXIV surpassed that record. In fact FFXIV was so successful that it singlehandedly pulled Square Enix out of the red in 2013 and put them in the black.

FFXII is one of the highest rated installments in the series and one of the highest selling as well. It's battle system was so influential that Xenoblade Chronicles and Dragon's Age: Origins adopted some aspects of it.

FFXIII was also a huge financial success for them even though it was polarizing. In fact FFXIII and all of its sequels managed to sell more than 12 million units.

It seems you're slow too catch on to things. Each numbered mainline installment in the series since FFII has always tried to do something new with the battle system. If you want a battle system that never changes, go play Dragon Quest. Final Fantasy however is a franchise that always tries to reinvent itself, and that's why its so revered.

It makes me sick having to read you're whining about the evolution of a franchise.

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rainslacker2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

FFXI was turn based, it's just your turn didn't happen in a rotation like the more traditional JRPG.

FFXIV is more action, but the cooldown system is just another form of turn base. There is more dynamic switching involved though.

FFXII guessed it...turn based...but the turns used the gambit system and cooldowns.

FFXIII was was also turn based. You could mash X because SE gave a list of suggested commands or you could quite literally sit there for minutes choosing which commands you wanted to do if you so desired. Obviously, given how the system was set up, sitting there selecting commands wasn't really practical most of the time, which is why they did the whole paradigm system so you could quickly change what you would typically do in a turn based scenario.

In all the above examples, the action didn't stop because your character had to make selections, but they were all, except FFXIV which is a different form of turn based, most decidedly turn based games.

That continuation of the action going on is what the ATB system is. Each game has tried to improve on that.

It's not to say that action based can't be good, just that the examples given only prove that turn based itself can be improved upon, and that it's not really something to be feared if done right.

Quite honestly, it seems your confusing action with real time. ATB is a real time turn based game play style, and the genre is turn based JRPG. JRPG is a wide encompassing genre.

Kyosuke_Sanada2614d ago

For the last time, ARPG is not an evolution of the series, it's just a different direction.

FallenAngel19842614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

JRPG is a genre under the RPG umbrella.

FFI-FFIII were built in a similar battle system to Dragon Quest. FFIII even borrowed the job class from DQIII. The ATB system started Final Fantasy's trend towards more action focused battles.h

Final Fantasy is still an RPG, it didn't change genres.

It doesn't matter the reason. The fact is that FFXI was the most profitable game in the series, which proves your "decline" statement wrong.

I didn't say FFXII was the highest selling FF game of all time, I said FFXII is still one of the highest sell and highest rated games in the franchise. Nothing you posted can refute those claims. Selling 6 million and rating 92 on Metacritic are signs of a highly successful game. Idk why you're unnecessarily bringing FFIX into this, but that just sounds like you're just reaching at this point.

Do you even have any proof those games started any sort of financial instability within Square Enix or you just pulling this out of your ass? You could apply that "brand power" theory to any of the games in the series, which just shows how ridiculous a statement it is. Fact is that those games not only sold incredibly well for a Final Fantasy game, but for an RPG in general.

Yeah I mention FFXIII and its sequels, idk why you'd think I was hiding it. FFX-2 was a great game and the last we'd see of the traditional ATB system. Selling 12 million in a trilogy doesn't sound damaging, sounds like a success to me.

It's not in Final Fantasy's behavior to go back in progress after years of pushing forward. FFX went back to turn based combat, but it was a twist on the one seen in FFI-FFIII. I don't see what else they could do with the ATB system after FFX-2, so going forward was the only logical decision.

No the franchise evolved, and it's still an RPG. That's like saying the Super Mario franchise is no longer a platformer series because it added new elements.

The Final Fantasy franchise wouldn't be as revered if it didn't try to constantly reinvent itself with every entry. If everything stayed the same it would still be in the shadow of Dragon Quest. I just happen to have an open mind. If it bothers you that much there's still Bravely Default.

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