Hardcore gaming is dead

ANALYSIS Until recently gaming was going through a very strange phase lasting for the last ten years or so when the games that the industry produced and which the public bought became progressively more hardcore. By hardcore I mean that they were in narrow genres, were progressively more complex, were difficult for the neophyte to get into and appealed to a large but still limited demographic.

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el_bandito3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I don't see any reason why hardcore gaming will die because of the sudden increase of the casual gaming community. We're just in a period where gaming has upped its mass appeal even to those who initially did not like video games. Hardcore or casual? Try looking at it from any angle, its just video gaming in its very essence. You play, you enjoy. Nobody's wrong if he goes for brainless games; same goes if he opts for more complex games. Its just pure preference, and no one's taking it away from you. Its just one sign that the video gaming community has increased, and should no way be treated as a negative effect to hardcore gamers. Besides,we have 3 consoles, the PC and a couple of more handhelds in the first place. I'm guessing most of them still go for hardcore.

MikeGdaGod3722d ago

seriously i'm tired of reading your poorly written, logically flawed, uninspired articles. you wasted my bandwidth and 5 minutes of my time.

please stop submitting and contributors stop approving this crap.

jtucker783722d ago

It's Bruce on Games guys.

Just ignore.

Ghoul3722d ago

ffs not you again bruce

spreading bull as you breath.

i wont even discuss with you but mention one thing AGAIN

for an industry vet you have incredibly few knowledge about anything in detail, you scrape at the top and then form articles about your opinion.

i gotta write an admin to set your articles on the banned sources list.

thesummerofgeorge3722d ago

Why even say such a thing? For some reason just because there's been an influx of casual gamers on the wii etc. How does that have any effect on hardcore games/gamers?Like for every new casual gamer a hardcore gamer dies? No. It's like everyone wants to be the next person to predict the death of a system, or an audience and so on. There is ZERO evidence of these claims, and TONS of evidence to the contrary... Such as the countless hardcore games coming out, and the countless hardcore gamers that buy them. I guess Heavy Rain won't have much of an audience when it comes out.

What kind of idiot uses such flawed logic? Hmmm, well there's been an influx of casual games/gamers, so now the hardcore gamers will cease to enjoy the games they love and go turn on wii bowling.... Cause we're all mindless drones that decide what we play based on numbers and what part of the industry is doing well. RETARDED article, I have no clue why this garbage is being pawned off as news.

orakga3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I'm not sure if you guys read anything beyond the headline of the article.

Here's a direct quote from his article: "What will happen is that the existing hardcore genres will continue."

And the point of the article was that hardcore gaming is NOT DEAD, and that it will merely improve to allow more casual players into the hardcore-fold. Keep in mind that this HAS been the trend all along in the past 20 years. Many people don't notice it, but games (even the hardcore games) have become more and more accessible and easier to enjoy. I can list a bunch of games that are "remakes" of the old version and point out how it's ridiculously more user-friendly than their 10-year old equivalent (System Shock vs. BioShock, Tomb Raider vs Uncharted, MGS1 vs MGS4). That's a fact, and that's a good thing, because it allows the hardcore games to continue to exist.

A lot of you are upset at something he simply didn't say... He's not saying the Wii will take over the world. He's saying that even the Wii people will be playing hardcore games in the future because hardcore games will have a better learning curves. (it doesn't mean they'll be washed down)

As a lifelong hardcore gamer, I actually appreciated that someone saw this as more than a stalemate between the casuals and hardcores.

thesummerofgeorge3720d ago

Actually Orakga, no. I did read the article, he goes on to say "So hardcore as we know it will no longer exist" saying that there won't be casual and hardcore gamers, that games will be perfectly tailored to fit both hardcore and casual gamers needs, which is utter BS, maybe some games will appeal to both, but different people want different things, and there's room in the industry for different games for a different audience. I think his view of the gaming industries "destiny" is weak sauce.

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metalhead3722d ago

I think your stupid and very wrong. Hardcore gaming is alive and well

Hagaf223722d ago

bruce's opinion on gaming is DEAD. i mean there are some idiots in the industry but i think this guy takes the trophy for biggest. were in the first gen where online gaming has a bigger following than the single player versions of the game. bruce on games is just another worthless journalist who types the most idiotic stories to get people to click his horrible stories. this guy is becoming the shane kim of analysts

coolfool3722d ago

Big title used attract attention followed by an attempt to justify the title.

Bottom line though is that just because there is a rise in casual gaming doesn't mean there is or ever will be a decline in hardcore gaming. There will always be people wanting the immersive experience and substance that only hardcore game has to offer. This alone is reason enough for developers to justify making them.

boodybandit3722d ago

The reply to his article says it all:
Hold on a minute, in your last update you say that Microsoft should charge £100 per year for a ‘platinum’ version of xbox live, and now here you are with an article about how hardcore gaming is dead…

I think this guy has you pegged Bruce

Tacticity3722d ago

Can you belive this FS. Hardcore gaming is dead nice joke. I wonder what idiot wrote this. Just because Nitendo almost just makes baby games. And they think WII can change anything.

Hagaf223722d ago

well its obvious, its that idiot bruceongames, i guess not being in to gaming at all makes you worthy of calling yourself a gaming analyst

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