Gamers In Beta Podcast 129: Lotus and the Dog Meat

Episode 129 of the Gamers In Beta podcast is jam packed full of content! Corey is back this week and the crew spends a good portion of the show talking about all things Fallout 4.

If you remember last week, Gamers In Beta talked about potential Black Friday deals as well as Kotaku’s blacklisting woes. This week, they recap the Black Friday madness and Corey has his own blacklisting story to tell.

The trivia segment is now called The Beta Test and, of course, the questions this week revolve around Fallout 4.

Lastly, Rebecca Ford from Digital Extremes makes an appearance on the show. She is the community manager for Warframe as well as the voice of in-game character Lotus. CapnMikeM and her have a lengthy interview about all things Warframe.

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