Fallout 4 Review [Xbox Enthusiast]

"Having left her power armor back at Sanctuary, Kara and her trusty companion Dogmeat travelled throughout the commonwealth. Kara equipped her favorite arsenal of weapons (including a pistol, shotgun, and sniper rifle) and set off on an adventure. The Commonwealth is a dangerous place and Kara knew it. Raiders were hiding in “abandoned bases” waiting to ambush their prey, animals (some harmless, others ferocious) roamed the dead woodlands, Super Mutants terrorized fellow Commonwealth citizens and then there were ferals. These ‘humans’ that are so irradiated it looks as if they are zombies, congregate in groups in order to feed. Kara realized that the most dangerous thing about the Commonwealth weren’t the dangers that it contained… the biggest threat was the unpredictable situations she found herself in" -- Xbox Enthusiast.

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sk8ofmnd3151d ago

This review score is spot on with what ive been saying. Between 8-8.25. I would only change/add a few things here and there. Overall a fun well-rounded experience.

DLB233151d ago

No. The game is a 8.9/10 or 9.0. The story, gameplay, factions, companions, settlement building mechanics are all better than Fallout 3.

Antifan3151d ago

It's better than Fallout 3, but definitely not better than Skyrim. There's definitely less content, and good side quest compared to Skyrim. Lots and lots of recycling in the game, doing the same side quest over and over, finding the same loot over and over. I just about seen everything in this game in under 90 hours. On the technical side, it's one of Bethesda's less buggy games, and that's a surprise. The building settlements mechanic and crafting is the best part about this game. It's a 8 for me.

sk8ofmnd3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

I am only stating my opinion Dlb. If it had fewer bugs i would probably score it (personally) higher, but not much. To me after i seen about 75% of the game things started looking extremely familiar, like the same place recycled with different stuff.

DLB233151d ago

"75% of the game things started looking extremely familiar, like the same place recycled with different stuff."

Well, isn't real life the same way? Especially in the city of Boston, locations tend to to be similar.

Were you expecting the atlantis, desert, snow and volcano locations in one map?


Epic Games Store copies of Fallout 4 won't be compatible with the new Fallout: London mod

If you bought Fallout 4 via the Epic Games Store, you may be unable to install the upcoming Fallout: London mod at launch.

TheNamelessOne9d ago

That sucks for the seven people that actually use it.


You'll need to actually buy Fallout 4 to play the London mod as it won't work on Game Pass

Fallout: London will require you to own the game. Game Pass users, unlucky.

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Modders and Voice Actor Team Up for Fallout 4 Charity Mod

Fallout 4 modders have teamed up with legendary voice actor Wes Johnson to create a new mod for the game in the name of Alzheimer's research.

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