libdi, DVDX installer for Wii released

QJ.Net writes: "Thanks to QJ.NET Forums member TheSilenceOfNoOne, we've been tipped to the recent release of libdi, the Wii homebrew community's new DVD access library, and the DVDX installer from Wii homebrew source Hackmii. Erant of Hackmii, the author, says,

As you all know, I've been working on libdi (or the DVD Access library) for a while now. We had some problems getting it out to release because of the difficulties we encountered while writing the second part of this topic. The DVDX installer instead will install a small, hidden, channel on your Wii that allows you to read DVDs on an unmodified system. It is not an installer for a patched IOS. You may however need one, depending on your system.

Now there's still a way to get DVDX to install on modified systems, but you'll have to get the patchmii as well before the DVDX Installer. Developers are encouraged to practice with the library, using the DVDX extension as a way to read data from standard format DVDs."

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Raoh3745d ago

anyone get this to work?

i have a friend asking me.

condorstrike3745d ago

it works decent and future updates will make it better, if u modded then yo need to run libdi and patchmii as boot.dol's the use program...

homebrew just keeps getting better and better...hopefully this sets up a chain reaction and we'll be able to start reading off of ext-harddrives soonw ithouth the unavailable help from nintendo...

ReBurn3745d ago

It's a pretty cool hack.

kevnb3745d ago

For the price of the wii, there isn't much excuse.