New Pokémon DS headed to US

Nintendo has unveiled a new Nintendo DS Limited Edition Pokémon Pack. The Pack includes a Pokémon-themed Nintendo DS and exclusive Pokémon premiums.

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TruthbeTold3723d ago

How about a new Pokemon game? One that isn't some Mystery dungeon b.s., a remake, or that contains new Pokemon just for the sake of adding new ones. I'm a huge Pokemon fan, but imo, I don't want another game unless it's an mmo, or a solid, well thought out Wii RPG. Those titties are dry Nintendo. Stop trying to milk them.

greenmeanie3722d ago

I never liked pokemon. I was about 12 or 13 when it came out and I honestly can say I never owned a pokemon game. I have played quite a few, but I always found it a tad childish. I figured it would come and go just like any other fad... But its still here and appears to be going strong. I actually like this special edition pokemon ds. It is really nice looking and doesnt look childish like the pokemon Gameboys I remember from yesterday. So I am actually impressed. I might consider picking up a pokemon game for the ds or something just to see if it improved any since the gameboy days!