TrueGameHeadz Preview Impressions: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

TrueGameHeadz writes: "Do you remember when "Mortal Kombat" used to be awesome? The last few games have been fun, for the most part, but thing back to a time when it was the most amazing game your parents wouldn't buy for you? Ever reminisce about the first time you ripped someone's head off with Sub-Zero, or their heart out with Kano? Remember the first time you saw Reptile, heard about Ermac, or convinced your friends that there was a code to play as Sonya naked? Yeah, it's been a while since "Mortal Kombat" was at the top of a lot of people's must play list, but all that's about to change with "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe."

Midway knows how you feel about "MK" - how you liked it better back before the days of cyborgs, Mokap, and online play. They are throwing (almost) everything you know about the franchise out the window for their first-ever crossover title. They are going back to their roots for the upcoming game staring 10 classic "Mortal Kombat" mainstays duking it out 10 beloved comic titans from the DC archives."

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