Rumor: Dark Knight Game GTA Style?

The situation regarding a video game based on "The Dark Knight" is slightly confusing: unlike most other games based on movies that release right around the time of the film, we have no game for the latest Batman movie. However, actor Gary Oldman confirmed its existence in an interview last month, and now we're just wondering: what kind of game will this be, and when will it arrive?

We're still not sure about the latter, but rumors are starting to pop up about the type of gameplay we can expect. According to a rumor reported on by Kotaku, the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto sandbox style may be coming our way, as the Dark Knight may seek to take a bite out of crime in a free-roaming city. Batman has plenty of cool gadgets and vehicles at his disposal so the idea should work out just fine, but it's a theme that seems to be popping up in a lot of superhero games... If this information is true, we'll be looking for more in the way of true freedom and yes, if we can use that Batmobile out on the open streets of Gotham, it'll impress us. Hopefully, whoever is handling this game will hand out some details soon, although we may have some time to wait. Oldman hinted that we could probably expect the title to arrive at about the time the movie comes out to buy on Blu-Ray.

Given all this extra time, a GTA-style Batman could be absolutely awesome. Let's just hope that the developers are using the time to make a game that lives up to the quality of the movie.

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big shadow3718d ago

that would be interesting.

SpecialSauce3718d ago

that would be fuking siick!!!

Killjoy30003718d ago

You know what would be interesting?
Rockstar goes for The Dark Knight IP?
That woul be cool but soooo unrealistic lol.

Rute3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I've long thought that sandbox games have the ability to make the player confront stirring choices and truly gripping situations. Then I saw the Dark Knight, which is like a gift from the heaven. If game developers are able to advance the sandbox genre even half of the amount Nolan advanced the comic hero movie genre, I'll be pleased.

REALZILLA3718d ago

That sounds like it would work. Hope if it would come to pass, that they don't go cut seen crazy like MGS4. With a IP like Batman you could set the stage for a long time. Hopefully this the fist game movie studios take serious.

N4G Member3718d ago

I would never consider buying a Batman game BUT if it is done in a GTA style world then i would seriously be considering buying it.

Take heed developers!

3718d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.