PS3 sales no longer hotcake-like?

In the release, Ian Drake, head of the hot-product-tracking web site, cited a recent $1,000 PS3 bundle at eToys that remained available for over 12 hours. "This sort of thing didn't happen with the Xbox 360 until well after Christmas," Drake added for some historical perspective.

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Gears4316d ago

I am going to use that as my avatar!

meit4316d ago

Bidding has ended for this item at US $426.00. You were outbid.

That's how these hotcakes are doing on ebay! Its over for PS3, if they can't fetch retail price now during this glut. I can't imagine how poory they will sell when sony finaly get supply inline.

Boink4316d ago

one I was watching actually closed for <600$

power of Green 4316d ago

PS3's are not really selling in any of the shop close to my home.

videl4316d ago

haha you idiot, dont you think it is obvious what you are doing ? lame ass.

bung tickler4316d ago

thats funny cuz on ebay the 360 sold for long after xmas well over retail, and they released AY more units too... i expect the wii to do the same as the 360 and also there are more units... thats just funny sony goes from 1st to 3rd... losers.

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The story is too old to be commented.