TrueGameHeadz: Afro Samurai the game video preview

TrueGameHeadz writes: "Here's a little something something for all you folks out there who can't get enough of the Afro sportn' samurai himself. I had the pleasure of attending Namco Bandai's 2008 press tour here in NY. I was able to get some hands on time with the game and I have to say things are looking up for this title as the controls feel on point and the look and feel of the series has been translated well. And the music doesn't disappoint either! Take a look at the video preview as I think you fans of the show will be very pleased with what ya see! AYO AFROOOOOOO!"

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VampHuntD3720d ago

Currently it reminds me of the PS2 Samurai Champloo game (NOT A GOOD THING) but with improvements. I'll have to keep watch to see what develops I suppose.

BSigel813720d ago

I know what you mean dude, but since I'm a die-hard fan of the series I'll be getting this on day one. At first, I was like the graphics look terrible, but then I thought about the art direction of the series itself and it looks pretty much similar.

VampHuntD3716d ago

I love the show which means I have to at least give it a shot. It'll probably be one of those games that gets reviewed poorly, but a sect of people would stab someone for saying anything bad about it (I'm often in that sect, just depends on the game....and I probably wouldn't stab anyone, but I would kick a shon or 2).

PoSTedUP3720d ago

i dont care, this looks like a day one purchase for me. did you see that sh*t??? that sh*t looks badass!!

Flipgeneral3720d ago

I was skeptical at first, but this video has made me a believer and a possible buyer!