Fallout 4 Vs. Bloodborne | 2015 GOTY Showdown

Next in the 2015 GOTY chats will be two games that take different, slanted roads to the RPG promised land: Bloodborne and Fallout 4.

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lipton1013114d ago

Egh. Blood borne lost me in the snake forest. I gave up after getting lost repeatedly

DarkOcelet3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

You could have simply opened a youtube walkthrough of that part.

lipton1013114d ago

I did after taking a break for about 2 weeks or so and once I picked it back up I just didn't have the patience for it anymore. I got killed once more with an extravagant amount of blood on me and just said "F--k it."

In my situation, (career, wife, child, home) I have like 3 hours a night to game, late night I might add (after they go to bed), and when I spend 1.5 of these 3 precious hours in vain only to start from the beginning, there's a great chance I'm going to say "F--k it." And never play it again. Bloodborne is great, I'll give you that, but it's really insulting to anyone with any sense of time management or for anyone who can't sit down care free for multiple hours to game. Wish I was 16 again... Miss those days

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oldenjon3114d ago

bloodborne is not an open world game. how did you get lost? you can always follow a wall if that ever happens

Perjoss3113d ago

Bloodborne is a devious game, it lets you believe that you are giving up, but in fact, Bloodborne gave up on you. Unbreakable will is a must.

StrawberryDiesel4203113d ago

Haha all you had to do was follow the flaming torches, they lead you directly to the boss if you didn't want to explore. Anyhow, I love Bloodborne. It's absolutely amazing and unique, though I can totally understand someone absolutely hating it. I'm currently trying to make my way through the DLC on NG+++ and it's insanely difficult, borderline unbeatable without help. And I can see many others not making it past Vicar Amelia on their first playthrough as it's a very difficult and time consuming game with little progress to be made, sometimes for hours. It's just not for everyone like Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3 is. Almost anyone can beat those games, not with Bloodborne though, it takes true skill and dedication. You have to really want it. Very rewarding once everything clicks.

HellzAssassin3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Once you reach the shortcut, just follow the lanterns/torches. Pretty straight forward from there.

*edit* didn't realize Strawberry just said the same thing.

lipton1013113d ago

Crazy thing is, I enjoyed the hell out of it. My thing is that I followed the torches, killed everything in my path, amassed a ton of blood only to lose it all. Then I was unable to find it as it wasn't where I died. Up until that point I had the patience of a saint. I might ask it back from my brother to finish eventually, I still have too many games on my backlog to dive back in though

SpinalRemains1383113d ago

Drop some coins next time, brother.

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RealTrueGamer3114d ago

I agree, while both games are great, Bloodborne is the better game here; however both are nothing compared to Witcher 3. Now THAT is GOTY, hands down.

We were really lucky this year as RPG fans.

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