GamesRadar: Monster Madness: Grave Danger Review

Monster Madness is the kind of game you must play with other people to have any enjoyment. With four players, the game has a frantic silliness about it, especially when you come to the co-op vehicle sections. Playing alone is definitely not recommended. How come? Because it's just plain boring. If Southpeak had released this on PlayStation Store GamesRadar might have recommended it, but someone caught a little of what's in the title when they decided they could compete with other near-full-price PS3 games.

You'll love:
* Mostly excellent monster designs
* You get to go to hell
* Chopping zombies with a lawnmower

You'll hate:
* Multiplayer is too frantic
* Yet not worth playing alone
* Looks, plays like a budget game

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Laexerias3720d ago

Its all for the lul!

avacadosnorkel3720d ago

Looks, plays like a budget game.


Oh wait, it is.