Picture of Wii Hard Drive obvious fake.

NeoCrisis are reporting they have possibly stumbled upon a picture of the Nintendo Wii external hard drive which is scheduled to release in 2009.

Hit the jump to read why MyGEN thinks this rumor is fake!

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SpaZaA4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

would think that could possibly be an external HDD.
It's way way way too big.

More likely is that it's a dehumidifier or a heater or a fan or an air purifier or similar.

I guess that makes it non-game related huh.

EDIT: Apparently it's a minifan
Thanks adnanrules.

badz1494727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

in the world will believe that is actually a HDD?? it's a fake confirmed by the first glance! no need for any fake conformation or what so ever! neocrisis is just DUMB and always produce an even DUMBER article each time! how the hell did that article got approved in the first place?? this Wii HDD story is an obvious joke/scam from some doofus out there!!

Product4727d ago

Why does N4G approved articles that are duplicates?Two articles down is the same exact article,why?

JJMeH4727d ago

The other one is saying that is it an image for the hard drive, this one is saying that the image is fake and not the hard drive. Different :P

SpaZaA4727d ago

...they aren't the same.

user8586214727d ago

haha aswell as the 360 dis luks like dis can heat up ma room lmao!!!

Shoko4727d ago

Kinda Obvious. Hard drives aren't that big, don't have HUGE fans, and defiantly don't have 10 buttons on them.

badz1494727d ago

indeed a fan! so it does need fan!

Megatron084727d ago

why make a HDD for a system that you cant even get people to buy games on.

Intrepid4727d ago

Wow... I thought we graduated from this...

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The story is too old to be commented.