Monster Hunter Online Open Beta Playable In The West - No IP Block

Tencent have announced that players are now able to download the pre-client for the upcoming Open Beta of the highly anticipated Monster Hunter Online. The client is now ready to download on the official website ahead of the official release for the Open Beta event which is scheduled to arrive on December 17th.

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CaptainCamper1706d ago

It will probably take 10 days to download and just as long to learn to navigate the character creation screen but hell, I can't wait :D

derkasan1706d ago

Wonder if it'll develop a following in the states? I know there are some PSO2 fans stateside.

dead_pixels1706d ago

Yeah, I think I'll be jumping on this one. Thanks for the heads up, Cap'n!

RealTrueGamer1706d ago

Very cool. Thank you. Going to be giving this a try. Love MH, hopefully they didn't dumb down or ease what were used to for broader appeal.

CaptainCamper1706d ago

My internet is pretty decent and I'm currently at 3% after 4 hours. If you're looking to jump in on launch day, get that download going :D

Vasto1706d ago

Gonna download it when I get home. Been wanting to try this game.