Adam Sessler vs Geoff Keighley HipHopGamer Presents Journalist Battles

You have the Console Wars, you have the Developer Wars, now the HipHopGamer is here to bring you even more excitement and raw energy to the gaming industry with The Journalist Battles. Round 1 Adam Sessler vs Geoff Keighley look at some of there highlights as journalist and then you decide. I hope you really enjoy this

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PoSTedUP3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

whats up hiphopgamer, i think adam sessler is a jacka** and his opinions suck lol.

looks like he is trying to make his show entertaining and thats not a bad thing but when you have bad journalism skills (in my opinion) the two dont mix ya know.

i think keighley does a better job at journalism and although his shows are less entertaining being a good journalist makes up for it.

now your show is entertaining and you are an excellent journalist so that just make you a better journalist than these hobo's lol but for real's you the best dog, 1luv and god bless.

keighley= 1
sessler= 0

KingME3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

What exactly was the purpose of the videos. They show these guys in TOTALLY different elements. Sessler is doing a comedy skit, while Keighley is doing an interview. And then they title this "Journalist Battles" are you kidding me.

HHG the video selections alone says a lot to me on how you think. Won't comment any further.

Aclay3721d ago

I would have to go with Geoff Keighley. I’m more used to seeing him since I watch The Bonus Round on Gametrailers almost every week. Adam Sessler is pretty cool and I’ve seen a few of his “Sesslers Soapbox” segments, but I give it to Geoff since I’m more familiar with him, plus HiphopGamer got a chance to talk with Geoff on camera at E3 and he seemed like a really cool guy.

But, what I like about Adam Sessler is that I think that he’s more “straight up” and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind on certain things.

Tacki3721d ago

I prefer Adam Sessler. In my opinion he just makes things alot more interesting and he seems to genuinely get excited about games. I'm not saying Geoff doesn't... but he seems much more timid. Everytime I see him do an interview he just looks almost scared to me. lol

I will say I prefer the old Extended Play Adam Sessler though. I think that has alot more to do with the show than him... but I actually liked when it was less professional... and without Morgan Webb. I thought the show was very entertaining back then. Now I rarely ever watch it.

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The story is too old to be commented.