Toshiba vows: "We'll beat Sony to the living room with Cell"

Toshiba Corp. is confident that it will beat Sony Corp. to market with consumer electronics devices packing the powerful Cell microprocessor, the head of its consumer electronics business said Thursday.

The Cell chip was developed with a budget of several billion dollars by Toshiba, Sony and IBM Corp. for a variety of applications. Much of the initial focus has been on its place in the PlayStation 3 games console. But both Toshiba and Sony have been harboring plans to deploy the powerful chip in a wider range of products. Its power makes it well suited to handle high-definition digital video and possible uses could be in televisions and video recorders.

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Maddens Raiders5253d ago

CELL in my living room right now. But it doesn't say Toshiba. =] It's staring at me.

MicroGamer5250d ago

is in something other than a game console. Toshiba is working on televisions that include the Cell chip. I find it funny that Sony and Toshiba can be partners on the Cell chip and then start shooting at each other over the HD-DVD/Blu Ray thing.

THAMMER15253d ago

Sounds like a movie title. But it was a better choice than the emotion engine was. That sounded like NASCAR team with Mede pause

Tut5252d ago

It is the title of a movie. "The Cell" was in 2000 with Jennifer Lopez and the actual name of the processor "Cell" is also a movie title, an upcoming movie at least.

MikeMichaels5252d ago

Good news!

Either way, this is going to result in cheaper CELL chips due to mass production.

ronin_oni5252d ago

You're too late, Sony is already in my living room.

Maddens Raiders5251d ago

this ridiculous proclomation by Toshiba is a little off to say the least:D

power of Green 5251d ago

Not really off, they just can't win over the minority.