New Batman Game Unveiled

Before we get you confused, this is a completely different game than what has been mentioned of The Dark Knight, it truly is a new game.

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Silogon3745d ago

So basically, it is the 1st good batman game in the last 15 years. Gotcha! Paul dini is all I needed to hear. Rocketeer, The Flash tv series and Batman Animated are just some of his awesome accomplishments.

This game will be king.

nbsmatambo3745d ago

atleast we will get a place holder while we w8 for darknight =D

Megatron083745d ago

wonder if they are using the same story or a version of the "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth"

Closing3745d ago

This game is going to rock!

ThichQuangDuck3744d ago

I will probably get this game sounds good. Interesting story cant wait to read article

MK_Red3744d ago

Wow, Batman is everywhere these days. MK vs DC, DC Universe Online, Lego Batman and now this! Bat attack!