European / Others Hardware Regional Breakdown for Week Ending Aug 9th, 2008

VGChartz estimates that the European / Others hardware regional breakdown charts for week ending Aug 9th, 2008 was as follows:

Total Hardware: (IN brackets is last weeks #)

DSL: 272,365 (292,519)
Wii: 193,067 (178,830)
PSP: 75,053 (74,011)
PS3: 67,128 (72,118)
360: 55,284 (55,841)
PS2: 50,400 (48,702)

UK Total:

Wii: 58,074 (50,349)
DSL: 53,656 (58,837)
360: 14,268 (14,397)
PS3: 12,693 (13,501)
PSP: 11,347 (11,014)
PS2: 7,007 (7,098)

France Total:

DSL: 42,235 (43,823)
Wii: 33,657 (31,686)
PS3: 9,160 (9,686)
PSP: 8,069 (7,914)
PS2: 4,941 (4,801)
360: 4,575 (4,618)

Spain Total:

DSL: 29,089 (33,194)
Wii: 16,464 (15,458)
PSP: 12,045 (11,797)
PS3: 6,959 (7,451)
PS2: 5,807 (5,838)
360: 2,976 (2,989)

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AStupidXbot3808d ago

I'm gonna be smart again, whoever approves this are idiots.

GOTY 20073808d ago

Shut up last place Nasim

AStupidXbot3808d ago


are idiots

GOTY 2007, you said on a different comment you had a PS3 on a 360. Ur a liar then.

masterofpwnage3808d ago

power of green why do u always think its nasim.

ohh wait imean goty sorry

GOTY 20073808d ago

OMFG Nasim.

Power of Green? pp? Bloodmask??

Bo b1tch. I'M NOT.

I'm not a troll. Everyone knows who you are Nasim and mods are going to clean you out. And your accounts.

Be afraid Nasim.

masterofpwnage3808d ago

dude well how u kno he is nasim, hotshot was accuse many time he was nasim but we found out he really isnt and yeah sure maybe he does have multi account, but nasim never adds a pic in his avtar and every one got multiple accounts imean look at pp and power.

so seriously grow up and stop biching, its just a video game site

morganfell3808d ago

That's right Silver, it's him.

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zo6_lover273808d ago

Will he stop posting VGC estimates? Its getting annoying.

GOTY 20073808d ago

Please Ban Nasim!!! This is him to!!!

zo6_lover273808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I'm not Nasim. Why the hell do all these Xbots accuse everyone of being Nasim? Its pissing me off. And your really the person to be talking

cmrbe3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I am Nasim!!.

silverchode3808d ago

goty how many accounts do you have?

IzKyD13313808d ago

lmao, all the bots seem to have some paranoia....everytime someones says something they disagree with, they accuse the person of being nasim

GOTY 20073808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

ROFL Look at Nasim commenting withe even more names.

"Will he stop posting VGC estimates? Its getting annoying."

That what Nasim posted. Nasim. I agree but IT'S STILL NASIM WITH ONE OF HIS THOUSANDS OF ACCOUNTS. You guys above me are probably Nasi too.
Everyone knows. Continue trying to hide.

Seriously, everyone knows.

BTW Nasim. I have no other accounts.

zo6_lover273808d ago

I told you, I'M NOT NASIM!!!!
I even said in my below post that I no longer think you have multiple accounts.

morganfell3808d ago

Don't sweat it. You are being accused by POG/Bloodmask.

On topic, these numbers are so much tripe. The technical term is guestimate and a poor one at that.

juuken3808d ago

...GOTY has lost his freakin' marbles.

TheDeadMetalhead3808d ago

We're going to have to put GOTY in a mental hospital! He thinks everyone's Nasim. I'll get the crazy jacket. XD

karlostomy3807d ago

when did they let Juuken out?

TheDeadMetalhead3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

The same time they put you in! XD

Oh, and btw, GOTY (that's right. I know who you are) She just worked there so she could make money for an HDTV so that she could get the most out of her Blu-Ray discs.

But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

karlostomy3807d ago

Lol man.

Speaking of mental hospitals, how's your paranoid delusions and conspiracy theories going?

Just for the record, I am not GOTY... but if you want to continue with your Fantasy world, then carry on... carry on, my deluded friend.


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dro3808d ago

im sure nasim is not the only one with more than one account goty!!!...r u power of green or may be mesh1... XD

silverchode3808d ago

no i doubt its pog know. from what ive found out goty knows nasim(roomate/brother maybe). and goty is friends with bloodmask(ex360fanboy) so im not sure goty could be.

zo6_lover273808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I don't think he has multiple accounts anymore, I have been reading the same post silverchode found this out from for about 30mins


Thats what I'm thinking, there using Nasim as an excuse for all the ps3 followers out there, so apparently there's only one ps3 guy in this whole site.

silverchode3808d ago

funny thing is now they think im nasim. i think most 360 fanboys are dont want to accept that ps3 owners are the majority know and call anyone in favor of the ps3 nasim.

DooRentZs3808d ago

N4G is becoming the less favorable site to look into..too many fanboy war here & i'm sick of it.

I mean hey..grow's just a number..

sak5003808d ago

Time for mods to come clean and reveal the identity of nasim/shmee/tanod/lenhart and 1000s of ids.

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