Steve Jobs Confirms iPhone Has a Kill Switch

Jobs told The Wall Street Journal that Apple needs the capability in case it inadvertently allows a malicious program -- such as an application that steals user's personal data -- to be distributed to iPhones through its App Store.

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nbsmatambo4432d ago

i dont think so, but i rspect ur opinion..

actas1234432d ago

I don't think so and I don't respect your opinion. in other words you are an idiot.

Premonition4432d ago

Its more of a better thing than a bad thing, at least they are looking out for their consumers, they wouldn't want something bad to sneak through their app store.

Charmers4432d ago

For some reason I am reminded of that old Apple advert they did back in the 80's (some older members may remember it). If you have never seen the advert you can watch it here :-

It was all wonderfully iconic, you know the kind of thing mankind controlled by "the man", it was all very big brother. Naturally Apple was going to break you free and empower you yadda yadda yadda.

Now skip to today some 24 years later, I guess Stevie and Apple found it more fun to be "big brother" I mean you can't get any more big brother than having the power to access every Iphone and be able to alter the function (ie remove software) without the users consent.

Imallvol74432d ago

Didn't this make the news in the first place because they caught an app that used that kill switch to kill your phone when you downloaded it?

I dunno, I don't like Apple. I fell in love with the iPod touch though, and after spending 400$, they made me pay again for the app store.

Everyone keeps saying that they think Apple should enter the gaming market. I can't imagine anyone I would want less in the gaming market. Probably would ship consoles without AC adapters and charge for system updates.

Premonition4432d ago

And just so people don't get it twisted, the kill switch does not steal personal information, its a program that finds other programs that slip through the app store for whatever reason that might be able to steal customer info, so they placed this kill switch in place just in case something like this ever happens.

Charmers4432d ago

Well personally speaking if they need this kind of safeguard I won't go near the App store with a barge pole then. I think it is also a matter of just exactly what else is Apple and ole Stevie not owning up too ?

I certainly would not be happy knowing that a company has the abiliy to remotely kill software on a $1000 phone I paid for and it is all done under the guise of "protecting me". What about quality control ? How about testing the apps before you even shove them on the app store.

I am absolutely amazed these days what people will happily allow companies to do. I an no conspiracy nut or anything but this kill switch done in the name of "protection" sounds incredibly dodgy to me.

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