Khaner dies for love in latest Resistance 2 viral video

Glen Khaner was the unfortunate soul that was selected for this week's injection on the Resistance 2 ARG website Project Abraham. He died a horrific death in the latest video. What separates Khaner death from any other so far is if you examine his dossier, it shows a transcribed conversation he had with Nathan Hale, he admits that he intentionally failed a placement exam in order for him to be sent to Alaska. If you listen closely to Dr. Aklin's recordings she mentions her past relationship she had with Glen where she "broke his heart" and talks about the guilt she is feeling as she falls for Hale. This is when one realizes Khaner entered Project Abraham just so he could be in the proximity of Alkin.

Hale's induction video is now available to view as he is one of the candidates for injection. Currently, he is steady at 76%. Who are you voting for this week? Hale's induction video is now viewable and he is one of the candidates for injection.

America First America Only's (AFAO) weekly newsletter uncovers more secret government plans; the abandonment of US coastlines in the event of an invasion. Schematics of a fortress the government intents on sending people to in the case of an attack are presented to us. Accusations of brainwashing TV signals, as well a list of people who sent in tips last week can be seen on the back of the newsletter. Check it out here.

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REPLOID243720d ago

she didn't love him anyway. hale is the man.

BulletToothtony3720d ago

when else in history has this been done??

Who else has cared to have a prologue with such an amazing story just to make a game more enjoyable..

these are not silly homemade videos.. this project abraham is a well made website and it's freaking amazing...

to have a teaser so well made.. and then to have 2 campaigns in ONE game plus what seems to be one the best multiplayer out for this year and maybe even the next few it's quite a commitment by insomniac..

if they come out with a special edition or limited edition game.. this will be the first one i buy cause they truly deserve it..

i hope this goes to show companies like EA to put effort into their games instead of feeding us the least they can get away with and then as soon as we buy the game slapping us with DLC within days of the game release.. insomniac, you got my money on day 1.

toughNAME3720d ago

Is this a popular enough game to have a viral campaign? I mean just because the game that comes with the bundle looks good...doesn't mean it is.

I think we need a new set of standards for virals campaigns. Halo 4 can have six.

cmrbe3720d ago

set a new bar for shooters like COD4 did for last year. So yes it does deserve a viral campaign.

Kleptic3720d ago

hahaha @ halo deserving one...the backstreet boys of the shooter genre does not need a viral campaign...

cmrbe3720d ago

Backstreet or Nsync?. Hehe god i hate those manufactured crap. Some people even compared them to the Beatles which was a huge insult.

fopums3720d ago

The story is thick enough too have a fleshed out viral campaign, the website for the first RFOM had loads of twisted history.

America is all sorts of creepy in Resistance, they discovered chimeran tech waaaaay before the first attack, and did nothing. I cant remember who was responsible for killing some russian's who escaped the blockade with a chimeran skull *also before the first chimeran outbreak* but that may have also been the Americans.

I'm wondering how far down the deep end us yanks are going too get.

not too mention the cloven still havent popped up.

Kleptic3720d ago

crmbe...take your pick...I would actually go with O-town personally, they were without a doubt the least heterosexual of the boy bands...

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Rice3720d ago

wth, theres a story to all this viral marketing? can someone fill me in...wat is happening?

cmrbe3720d ago

what most know already that Hale was part of a govt experiment which is why he was immune to the chimerian virus in part 1. Also there were others that were tested upon and some died will others did not. Play Resistance again and in th begining notice the pic Hale held. There alot of useful information on each soliders on the site as well as other interesting info about current events in that fictional alternative history that will most likely play a part in the actually story.

socomnick3720d ago

Wow this is just so mediocre. Really fails hard.

Torch3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Kinda paradoxical how your comment precisely described...well, your comment.

doshey3720d ago

go f**k urself if it was something like this happening for halo u would be having an orgasm

TheExecutive3720d ago

Hale is up next... oh yeah!

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The story is too old to be commented.