LivePlace: Photo-Realistic Virtual World Rendered In The Cloud

LivePlace.com has posted a video displaying a very impressive render of a 3D virtual world called City Space.

The other nugget of information found in the video is that the game is running on OTOY, the 3D engine that renders graphics in the cloud. The technology allows relatively weak computers (or even mobile phones) to display incredibly detailed graphics comparable to those seen in Hollywood movies.

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chaosatom5590d ago (Edited 5590d ago )

hope they bring the tech to consoles.

Hububla5590d ago

Im not one for actually living my life on a web browser but... wow.. i mean wow... those lighting affects just blew me away... as well as the texture and detail... its insane to think they can do that kinda of thing through a web browser or mobile phone... i guess now all the people that said ill believe MAG when i see it can shutup.. it could easily be done with enough ps3's linked together..

zagibu5590d ago

Why would they "bring the technology" to the consoles? You only need a browser as a client, so I guess there is not a big leap to be able to use it from your console. Or did you mean the rendering? This probably wouldn't make much sense, because a console is not exactly the ideal server. Or would you like to keep your PS3 running all the time, just so someone else can enjoy OTOY?

Rice5590d ago

reminds of the getaway, which was suppose to come out for the ps3!!!

Common Sense5590d ago

The getaway 3's production was halted not canceled which means it could be resurrected in the near future. Sony is way too far into development to simply can it permanently. It's been in development since 2005 and was halted in 2008. That's almost three years.

PoSTedUP5590d ago (Edited 5590d ago )

yea the getaway will return, so will 8days, they just had alot of games in development at the time and couldnt afford it.

this right here is looking CRAZY! i wont be a part of it though : ( looks like waaaayyy to much stuff for me to handle and probably would take up most of peoples time, ill stick with HOME. lookin fantastic though. : )

Chubear5590d ago


However, I do think this will likely be the look of HOME on the PS4. As it stands now, the avatars like exactly like HOME's too.

PoSTedUP5590d ago (Edited 5590d ago )

i think this being on any playstation would be over doing it. its just my opinion though ya know, i think its way too big and that might take the fun out of it, the graphics are unreal though. i just think it wouldnt be a good idea to bring it to playstation. playstation HOME will be enough ya know and they can always expand on it. well see what they do with this and in the mean time well see how home turns out (my bet is it will be simply amazing) <------ says my friend who is in the beta : D and that with out the millions of people walking around etc.

Lord Anubis5590d ago

did anyone hear what he said. All of that is on server side. :( our worst fear could come true. No longer owning the games but just access.

ApocalypseShadow5590d ago

just so that people understand,i think it's awsome "LOOKING."

it's what i thought sony should do with ps3.psp can show through Remote Play,games like lair on psp.i figured sony could render an entire city like this with a Cell farm and gamers could interact with it and control their avatar through ps3.just think what 1,000 or even 10 thousand ps3 cells linked together in a farm could render.

but they need to show me more.because i am impressed.like the above said,the first and last part of the video is amazing.the question i have is can your avatar virtually move around in real time,walking down the street,get into their car,enter a building?or can they only be posed?and you just MOVE in 3d like your flying.or just pop up at your destination just by clicking on a building?

we'll see though.if microsoft got this for 360,"THAT" would be an upset against HOME.but right now,HOME is where it's at.


thesummerofgeorge5590d ago

You can walk around, around the 10 minute mark in the video he says: whether you're flying around, or just walking around the city.... So there's one answer.

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