Uncharted 4 Dialogue Options: How Your Choices Impact Nathan Drake

Hollie talks to Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer about Uncharted 4, working with Nolan North and Troy Baker, and how the introduction of dialogue options will affect your adventure.

ShadowKnight3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

The multiplayer is amazing! Probably the best TPS multiplayer out currently! Look's like Naughty Dog is going all out with the Campaign and multiplayer! Just like they did with the Last of US. This game will definitely have replay value!

UserNameIsNotTaken3148d ago

I agree. I'm currently playing it right now :D

ShadowKnight3148d ago

What I like is even with the perks the game still feels balance. I thought it would mess up the multiplayer. I was so wrong.

Genuine-User3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

What's even more astonishing are the number of animations at play in multiplayer.

It's no small feat to pull of animations in multiplayer that rival or best every other 'single player' third person shooters.

ShadowKnight3148d ago

I think the Last of Us had a little of that too

inmusicutrust3147d ago

Loved TLOU multiplayer, doubt I'll enjoy this as much, I prefer the slow gameplay of TLOU, but can't wait to give it a try!

Aloy-Boyfriend3148d ago

Is it possible to get a good, bad, or bittersweet ending for Drake with these branching dialogs? Or, maybe we can choose to be stealthy or go gunblazing in certain parts of the game? Man I'm liking this mechanic and the potential it has to take the series to a new level. It's not an RPG I know and this may not have a big impact, but that conversation with nate's brother choosing to tell him about previus adventures or just be subtle was great

jb2273148d ago

After the recent comments about the game being delayed to nail the ending & that it'll be something "new & special", I think there will definitely be multiple endings...I'm thinking that you will have to choose between something like saving Elena or Sully. I don't necessarily think that it'll be based on decisions accumulated through the entire game, but one big impactful decision at the end that will lead to the different endings. Honestly I've never had an issue w/ replaying the Uncharted games, I've played the other 3 probably a dozen times each, but now that we will have dialogues choices, branching pathways & potentially multiple endings, I'm guessing I'll play this one 3 dozen times.

inmusicutrust3147d ago

It's possible but I don't think this is Naughty Dogs style, they like to tell specific stories, and if this is Drakes ending, he deserves a true ending.

Paytaa3148d ago

Such a solid addition to Uncharted.

Majin-vegeta3148d ago

Just ordered the UC:C for $30 hopefully it get here in time so i can try thd UC4 beta.

TripleCs3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Same here. I ordered mine for like 28$ even though I already own all 3 games on the PS3. Dat beta though!

Although I must say that I ordered it a week ago and it's taking FOREVER to arrive.. Idk if you ordered your copy from QVC but I ordered mine off of Rakuten, a site I'm not familiar with like an idiot but that price was hard too resist. Never ordering from that site again.. lol

TripleCs3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Thanks for the link dude. Damn.. I wonder how the hell you find all these deals sometimes lol

skydragoonityx3148d ago

Naughty dog making all the right moves

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RaidenBlack142d ago

to reiterate, this is just a hobby project by a single developer

isarai142d ago

As a one man project this is awesome as hell!

141d ago
lellkay141d ago

Impressive considering its a one man effort!

Nacho_Z141d ago

Nate looks like he's been charting the lost city of Marijuana.