IGN's Top 10 Olympics Videogames

There are a few genres gamers go into with skepticism -- especially Olympics-themed videogames. So many games based on the quadrennial sporting event are dull timing games almost devoid of the personality that makes watching the real thing so engaging. Each athlete has a story. Some are inspiring. Some draw sympathy. Others scorn. But no matter what, there is real drama at the Olympics and its absence from most home games really injures them. All you're left with is a button-timing game starring flag-encrusted mannequins.

That makes assembling a top 10 list of Olympics games almost as hard as scoring a perfect 10 dive. Because videogames have evolved, it's hard to really get too excited about a button-timing game unless it's a micro-event inside a bigger package like Mario Party. And so this list skews heavily toward classics from an era that was dominated by twitch gaming. A series of ten button-timing events wasn't necessarily detrimental, especially if the game offered good multiplayer.

And so, without further ado, IGN Retro bestows the medals on these games, the Top 10 Olympics Videogames.

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