IGN: Metallica: Rock Band 2 Wish List Part 2

Set aside your feelings about the direction the band has taken in the past decade, allow yourself to be free of any ill-will toward anyone whose opinions about the current state of the band does not match your own, and join IGN as they bring to you, through the miracle that is the internet, the following list.

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sloth33953722d ago

Metallica are a bunch of sell outs so who really cares they need to put other bands besides metallica

cr33ping_death3722d ago

why are they sell outs? please explain.

sloth33953722d ago

the reason they are sell outs is before they got famous the music industry was worried about people being able to record on blank tapes at home and metallica put out a tape on 1 side it had music and the other side was blank. They said record what ever music you want on it and F**k the music industry. But what happened after they got famous they shut down Napster saying since people can just download music they are losing money which is the same as recording it on a tape from someone else. Thats why they are sell outs

cr33ping_death3721d ago

yeah and that was their demo. before every band needed one to get heard, now they allow any pathetic crap on the air thanks, to Mtv and myspace

squallheart3722d ago

*shrugs* i dont care much about metallica only the song for whome the bells toll I think thats what it's called. I just want some Japanese metal IE Sex Machine guns or onmyouza or hell x japan. I mean they have french and german songs on there. MAybe its due to region copyrights.