Another Two MMO's Set To Shut Down For Good?

Joystiq reports that the latest culling of MMO's will be occuring within NCsoft, with a "reliable source" at the company stating that they are on the verge of laying off the entire development team, leading the title Dungeon Runner to "be closed" and the fate of Tabula Rasa left up in the air.

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snittolo3811d ago

If it's true then I feel sorry for those who have put the time into TR since it opened around last november. Was a great game in the beta it just lacks alot of long term and team based content IMO.

nekon3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

snittolo if you thought it was good in beta you're going to get hooked now! IMO the game was broken in beta with no end game or clan content. Over the months the great staff at NC Austin have been improving this game. They've added so many features and thrown so many events it isn't funny. What upsets me most about a horrible rumor like this is that it clearly isn't true and that this staff if the best in the business. The fansite has over 20 members of the NC Austin development team on it and they're all active. The community has driven this game to where it is now thanks to this great staff. I could go on forever but to wrap it up, I've never seen so many trial accounts running around in game, and I see more beta players are coming back daily. I think Tabula Rasa is here to stay and as more people come around to how much it's changed it'll only get better.

Below are two posts from official NC Austin dev team members.. Critters is the community manager and Kagasumi is in QA. Critters quickly dismissed this news as a rumor and Kagasumi went as far as to announce the QA team will be expanding.


sumfood4u3811d ago

more mmo cancled that the gist of it!

kevnb3811d ago

other than WOW, and Guild Wars.

Reibooi3811d ago

lmao It's funny how Tabula Rasa was supposed the best thing since sliced bread and it kinda fell flat in almost everyone's eyes.