Is Crash Bandicoot Coming Back?

IGN Access: "Was Crash Bandicoot hinted for a return at PlayStation Experience? The guys chat about the possibility of a Bandicoot future."

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BigBosss1749d ago

You gotta look at it this way, Crash bandicoot was first hinted in that Sony commercial showing a icon of crash and an arrow pointing up towards a sony logo and then you had the Crash games removed from the Activision website. Also, Activision has had a very close relationship with Sony ever since Destiny and the BO3 expansions coming to PS4 first. So, Crash will most likely be revealed, if not now, then down the line when they are read even though we've been waiting a very long time haha. To add on a note, Naughty Dog has 2 unannounced titles coming to PS4, we all know TLOU2 is one of them and Crash Bandicoot could most likely be the other unannounced title, fingers crossed :)

DARKKENT1749d ago

Just imagine if you was Phil watching how much gamers want this game...

With Microsoft's money he went to activision gave them an offer they can't refuse and buy the rights

Sheesus the online meltdown that would happen would be of atomic proportions...

Personally i couldn't play crash on anything but playstation.. Wouldn't feel right

breakpad1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Crash Band 1 was one the hardest games ever built in order to complete it 100% (but in the same time fair and enjoyable)..i play it nowdays trying to repeat the same thing and i wonder where i was finding so much patience that days

emad-E-three1749d ago

Add to it before all that in PlayStation Meeting conference (where the PS4 announced) Sony introduced Mark Cerny with Crash music (yes he's the creator of the game but still he made more games so why Carsh specifically?).


I think the same thing E3

ShadowKnight1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

You think Naughty Dog will partner with Activision? And will it be an PS4 exclusive or multiplatform?

Genuine-User1749d ago

I'm not sure mate. We'll have to wait and see.

ShadowKnight1749d ago

Lol, I'm still trying to figure out why am I getting disagrees for what I said. Crash should be a Sony exclusive IMO.

ScorpiusX1749d ago

to much money for activision to leave on the table , anybody else maybe but Activision love money and they know they can make a ton more by having it on all plats .

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BadBoyC1749d ago

It is. Sony wouldn't keep on teasing it like they've been doing if they had no plans to bring it back.

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