Mercenaries 2 - Special Features

Special Features may be the reason why you buy this game.

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supahbad3811d ago

i don't see why this game is getting so much heat, the story looks corny, but its a day 2 for me

mboojigga3811d ago

Why do some of you think that every game is going to have a great story? Who gives a da*n about a story if the game is fun?

Djomblade13811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

If you played the first one which Im assuming you havent, then you would know why this game is getting attention. Play the first one. You will not be disappointed.

And mboojigga, the story to an original gamer is one of THE MOST important things in determining if a game is indeed a great one.

ptmidos3811d ago

U have to play it to know why its awesome.

ptmidos3811d ago

This game is gonna be awesome!

Armyless3811d ago

is reason enough for me. I had hellu-fun with the first one.

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