RPGamer: Infinite Undiscovery Preview

It's a story as old as time: a power-crazed madman with delusions of godhood decides to wrap enormous chains around the moon, tethering it in place and draining it of its mystic essence. Only a stalwart resistance movement can save the planet from the resultant monster attacks and natural disasters.

Unlike most games in the tethered-moon subgenre, the obvious hero isn't the protagonist. Instead of following the adventures of bold Sigmund the Liberator, Infinite Undiscovery chronicles the struggle of a young bard named Capell, who unfortunately resembles Sigmund down to the smallest physical detail. Nevertheless, Capell is the one to attract the game's eighteen playable characters, not Sigmund.

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GiantEnemyCrab3717d ago

More RPG goodness for the 360! This one looks to be excellent.

NewSchoolGamer3717d ago

before looking at the reviews.