Bungie Hint At Halo 3 Expansion, Not New Game


"After receiving the Edge Award for Interactive Innovation, Halo 3 creators Bungie have thanked the publication via a highly entertaining video. In it there are hints towards a new Halo development, but not a new game as many have been suggesting."

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GiantEnemyCrab3808d ago

and.. that would really suck! I've spent my list nickel and dime on anything Halo 3. Unless this expansion add's a new campaign Bungie needs to work on something new.

Thoas3808d ago

halo 3 is a expansion pack.

SpecialSauce3808d ago

i personally want to see a new type of halo with an actual physics system this time. (and not just on the vehicles.) also a 3rd person option would be great. i'm sick of seeing Bungie get away with releasing practically the same game over and ova agn.

NewSchoolGamer3808d ago

just say it already jeez you are starting to remind me of cliffy B


Yeah Arbiter Campaign expansion

n4gzz3807d ago

I don't like Halo myself but Wish i had. Bungie is sure one very prestiged developer. I am very impressed how they keep supporting their fan. Wish all the developers have same ethics.

GMR_PR3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Sorry, wrong reply...

Saint Sony3807d ago

Don't ask how I know, can't say, but I do know it and it's the fact.

TheMART3807d ago

Don't know how blablabla don't ask me blablabla

Dude. The new Halo game coming up is the worst kept secret. Everyone knows a Halo 4 is coming up seeing the end of Halo 3. It might not be called Halo 4 but its clear.

Just don't act if you are important or if you have important info. If you really had important info you wouldn't even say this actually.

Saint Sony3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I'm not talking about Halo 4 nor Halo Wars, there's more going on than that. But what would our great "I know all" Mart know about that... nothing to be honest.

You know nothing about me so shut it you little tit.

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Nostradavis3808d ago

Not really a big fan of the Halo franchise...

juuken3808d ago

Me neither.
I can't really see myself playing it. :/

GOTY 20073808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

lol why are you letting everyone know as if they care.

I dont see a Madden article and go post "Not really a big fan of the Madden franchise..."

Fat princess = Nasim.

Ban NASIM!!!! Please!! He has too many accounts!

lol why wouldn't I be serious?? Fat Princess IS Nasim. It's a fact.

And I made my point. People(PS3 fanboys) know how popular Halo is worldwide so they feel the need to state things that don't even matter and that no one even cares about.

Yoshida-----> Halo doesnt involve you.

juuken3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Lol, @ GOTY 2007.
Are you really serious with that comment? :/

And GOTY, you shouldn't be telling anyone that Halo news doesn't concern Yoshida. He has every right to comment here like anyone else.

Those fanboy colors continue to show, don't they?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3808d ago

GOTY 2007 The open zone is that way--------------------------- >

DaKid3808d ago

I am sure that it will be recieved well amongst the Halo community, but having played Halo 3 I don't see myself going back and playing an expansion. Judging by the end of that video and what all went down in it, I would say its a higher end map editor.

Skadoosh3808d ago

If your not a fan of the series than why are you here?

dachiefsman3808d ago

*lol why are you letting everyone know as if they care.*


*If your not a fan of the series than why are you here?*


Montrealien3808d ago

lol, this is what the internet is in a nutshell...

-Random News appears about anything.

-Person surfing the internet sees it

-Said person thinks..(I don`t Like it must share it with all)

-said person vanishes into the endless realm of the internet. *pouff*

As for the news at hand, it could be interesting, I would take more co-op missions or even a well done map editor any day.

To the people that feel the need to remind us that they don`t like halo..

*takes out note pad*

*scribbles something in it*

Your opinion is noted, thank you for your time.

LJWooly3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I think you've all missed the point of this site. If someone doesn't like something, they are not then stripped of all right to share their opinion of it. If his opinion isn't worth reading or worthy of retort, then why all the replies?


then you dont know what fun is dude

madjedi3807d ago

Okay none of the people that got so many disagrees, insulted halo said it was overhyped a bad ect. Yet you would think they insult christ himself with the number of disagree they got.

They only said they are not a fan of the game i suppose that was their sin. So when did articles only become the fans of said game, at least wait till someone attacks the game then at least the disagrees make some sense.

dachiefsman3807d ago

what is the point of stating the obvious?

GMR_PR3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@ 2 "Not really a big fan of the Halo franchise..."

Then, what are you doing in a Halo thread in the first place.


Another account Nasim? (roll eyes)

@ 2.2

like we were expecting something different from you

- On Topic.

Anything Halo is welcome in my life.

juuken3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Okaaaaay, when a PS3 game is discussed and I see any one of you guys come around and say 'I don't like it', I will gang up on you THE SAME DAMN WAY.

Notice that none of us insulted Halo. We just said that we're not fans of it. Does it give you the right to gang up on us as if we insulted the game or something? Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean you're not allowed to comment on articles.

What you did was just sickening. What a way of taking the internet so damn seriously. If we insulted the game, then your disagrees and comments would be justified. But we did nothing wrong AND YET you felt the need to gang up on us like a couple of bullies.

That's why I cannot stand some 360 fans. Heaven forbid someone says they're not into Gears or Halo, they're attacked to the point they're forced to say 'I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT!'. -.-

GMR_PR3807d ago

@ 2.16 "That's why I cannot stand some 360 fans."

If you can't stand us, then i ask you again, What are you doing in here, saying that you don't like Halo?

This is a Xbox 360 thread. Every one knows you are a PS3 fan, that's why every one is ganging up on you. If you dont like it dont come to a Halo 3 thread saying you dont like the game. If you ask me, you're asking for it.

dachiefsman3807d ago

This is a Xbox 360 thread. Every one knows you are a PS3 fan, that's why every one is ganging up on you. If you dont like it dont come to a Halo 3 thread saying you dont like the game. If you ask me, you're asking for it.


LJWooly3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

What? So what you're saying is, that if I was to see some news on the front page (like this one) to do with the 360, and comment on it, I'd be in the wrong because... I don't have a 360 or like the game? In fact, I'm not even allowed to express my opinion of the game? Ridiculous. People are allowed to comment on whatever they bloody well want to, and you have no right to tell them otherwise. You can either debate with them, or ignore them.

Let me ask you a better question: if you don't like this sort of thing happening, then what the hell are you doing leaving comments on a community-driven gaming news site?

Daishi3807d ago

Isn't the whole point of a forum to debate? If you leave a comment that is against public opinion it equals backlash, yes you have the right to leave the comment but don't expect people to ignore it. I guess everything is running smoothly here because things are so lively on the other hand...
On topic, as long as this new content comes out before Mercs 2 I'll be all over it!

u got owned3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@ 2.19

"Debate" That's the key word.

But when you have comments like this, where you got three people saying "i dont like the game" with out explaining why, then there is no debating to do. To me that is just plain trolling. Just my opinion.

On topic,

They should just say what it is, unless it is a new game. But all this hype for just some new content is just stupid. Anyway i love Halo, so i can't wait to see what Bungie got for us.

juuken3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Okay, if you don't like PS3 fans coming on 360 threads, then don't come on PS3 threads. Most of you get mad when PS3 fans come on 360 threads but you do the same crap on PS3 threads.

It goes BOTH ways.

Don't be hypocrites.

That ends it.

TheDeadMetalhead3807d ago

It's all become nothing but a battleground for the Console War. *sigh*

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power of Green 3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

"Bungie is working on a "Halo" game, apart from the "Halo Wars" strategy game or a separate project with Peter Jackson"

LOL at MSFT saying E3 isn't big enough for an expansion, if this crap ends up true.

Assuming this info isn't being thrown together or confused.

AStupidXbot3808d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, Halo 3 was the most overrated crap released, and now I have to put up with their add-ons for this massively overrated game.

Montrealien3808d ago

no, your stupid idiot who creates mutliple fake accounts on a gaming web site to forget your sad lonely life.

bohemian 233807d ago

Yeah it sucks so bad its' back on the top spot for live. What a crappy game. Your an idiot. Go look at some news about when Killzone 2 comes out in 2016.