Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Preview :

Playstation Beyond writes: "The Ultimate Ninja series was started on the PS2 and is arguably the best of the various Naruto licensed fighters available. So now we have Ultimate Ninja Storm due to be released for the PS3 system. A demo has been released on the Playstation Network as of July 17th."

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BkaY5024d ago

ive download the demo from psn and absolutely loved which makes me pick up the "rise of the ninja " on 360....

really fun game.... specially if you love anime.... love the voice over for natuto....

barom5024d ago

I don't really wanna sound like a fanboy or anything but the Rise Of A Ninja kinda sucks. It's basically a bunch of minigames and the controls got this weird lag/delay behind them (specifically the jump). Camera is REALLY bad, you will need to constantly adjust it more so than any other game considering you're jumping on and off buildings all the time (for the record, I had no problems with Ninja Gaiden's camera). Also sometimes they make you run all the way to the other side of the map only to talk to a guy and make you run all the way back again. Come to think about it, half the game is running (with lots of obstacles) and the other half is fighting and a tiny bit platforming.