The Biggest Gaming Disasters Of 2015

These games promised the world but failed to deliver.

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kevnb2362d ago

Arkham knight actually does work on PC, and it's playable on a decent system even though it isn't the most optimized game ever.

Grave2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

You forgot Titanfall. Everyone else did too.

Caedus5112362d ago

Titanfall came out in 2014, so it can't be on a 2015 disaster list.

That said, its one of the best FPS games on console at the moment and with it free for everyone who has EA access you never have trouble finding a full game.

Try to troll harder next time!

theFAYEsorceress2362d ago

hardline and evolve could have been so good...

Captain_TomAN942361d ago

Hardline should have been a $30 expansion to BF4, and Evolve should have been $40.

Nuff' said!

alfcrippinjr2362d ago

i thought The Order was amazing game and the graphics where very gorgeous.

this game should had got more hype and good reviews

but it did not as it was like watching a movie people said

hardliner not a bad game at all

titan fall look good but wtf online only

sullynathan2362d ago

come on bro. Just one page next time.

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