BlizzCon Tickets Sell Out - Blizzard Will Sell More

Ripten writes:

"Blizzard fans have zerg-rushed the Blizzard website into submission over tickets to BlizzCon 08. So Blizzard has come up with a solution to sell the tickets in waves.

Did you ever play "Red light / Green light" as a kid? Where you can only run forward when the "it" person says go? Seems that's the game Blizzard is playing with its BlizzCon 08 registration."

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bigshynepo3722d ago

But then the website slowly stopped working...and then it crashed.

See-ya later tickets. I hope they went to some nice scalper...

With Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 ,I wonder how much tickets will go on eBay for...$300....$600? Retarded.