New Lara revealed: but is Ms Croft totally last-gen?

The Guardian writes:

"There has always been something massively disingenuous about Eidos celebrating each new episode of Tomb Raider - a series ostensibly based around a strong iconic female character - with a raunchy photoshoot featuring some anonymous ingénue. But anyway, the company has revealed the latest real-life Lara - and, hey, in tune with the series' move away from its big-chested past - she's not just a thrusting young model-turned-actress. No, she's Alison Carroll, 'a BGA accredited Club Coach in Tumbling, Sports Acrobatics, and General Gymnastics', according to the official site.

But of course, as we all know, it's been a long time since anyone really, really cared about Lara Croft. Yeah, Underworld looks pretty impressive, but it's going to take the mother of all archeological adventures to make us forget some of the wretched slop Core Design served up before Eidos bundled Croft into the back of a fast car and dropped her off at Crystal Dynamics."

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zornik3771d ago

I like this model.....perfect Lara Croft looks and the attitude is convincing.

DavidMacDougall3771d ago

And just SLAMIN Legs !! Love them shes hired

N00BZSUCKASS3770d ago

ANOTHER article? what does that make it, 24 articles now? 50?

we get it. now go make a good game for a change.