Video Games Don't Have To Be Fun

COG writes - The medium has grown too much to be entirely evaluated on something as shallow as fun. Tyler goes deep into games transcending such a simple mechanic and evolving into a higher class of art form.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan3115d ago

Games as an art form is an ongoing debate, and this article is pretty cool. Makes me realize how much more of a medium it really is.

Godmars2903115d ago

But because its a medium, not everything within it is art. Some of its just dumb stupid fun as well as crap. People should just accept the subjectiveness of it and leave it at that.

COGconnected3115d ago

Horror games scare the crap out me. Not exactly fun but an intense feeling that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Nice read!

Godmars2903115d ago

They don't have to be social-political statements or learning experiences either.

Trouble is with such thinking as "games don't have to be fun" the implication of "for soc-pol games to flourish in the commercial mainstream, 'fun' games have to stop being made" goes unsaid. Companies such as Rockstar don't take issue with the existence of games like Gone Home, but many Gone Home fans would rather see GTA not be a thing under the reasoning that the likes of Gone Home would fill the gap left. Not that people without a choice would simply not by soc-pol games because they weren't fun.

Much less the idea that instead of a nerd asking if you played a certain "fun" game in hope of finding commonality and the beginning of a friendship, you get attacked and hounded by a SJW for not subjecting yourself to "art" with a soc-pol message.

mindtwang3115d ago

You didn't bother to read the article, huh?

DragonKnight3115d ago

If a game isn't fun then it's not a game, it's something else. Heavy Rain is marketed as an interactive drama, not a video game.

So yes, video GAMES have to be fun, else they aren't games.

And what kind of person doesn't want a fun game?

Why would you want a boring experience or one that only exists to further a sociological or political agenda?

You want to complain about social topics in an interactive manner? Fine, but unless it has an objective of some kind, and can entertain, then it's not really a game. Games are for entertainment.

mindtwang3115d ago

So, by your logic ET for the Atari 2600 isn't a game?

DragonKnight3115d ago

Correct. It is a historical tool used to describe how even just one flawed product can potentially destroy an industry.

Also, touche.

Jalva3115d ago

I find it funny how this is posted right after PSX.

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XxINFERNUSxX1015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

That's nice, you can just torrent the PC version it's still up with seeds 😀 You can delist anything you want don't care I can always get it and keep it forever 🤣

Chocoburger1015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

A shame, I have it on PS4, so I can always re-download it. But this is another reason why the "all digital future" is going to be awful. Disputes and licenses running out is bad for gaming preservation. And so really the only option in the future is piracy. Sucks it has to be that way, but that's the way it goes.

Iltapalanyymi1015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

Digital “future”

How can anyone defend this?


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