Is Dead Space the Next Frontier for Survival Horror?

Kombo writes: "The survival horror genre has been suffering from an identity crisis since the release of Resident Evil 4. The genre defined by its slow pace, obscured field of vision and severely limited resources was turned on its head when the franchise that wrote the rule-book received a massive kick in the ass and emerged with a new over-the-shoulder perspective, buttery smooth controls, precise aiming and a significantly faster pace. This new breed of survival horror still provided some creepy atmosphere but the feeling of vulnerability that characterized the genre's old guard was replaced with a feeling of power, and it's hard to feel scared when you feel like a badass. Fans have taken sides and the major players in the genre have committed to divergent directions, with Resident Evil continuing down its new direction while the latest Silent Hill is taking strong cues from the original titles. Survival horror is at a crossroads, but there is one game on the horizon with the potential to bridge the gap between both camps, and it's coming from an unlikely source."

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