Talk Xbox: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Review

Talk Xbox writes: "Three years ago the Xbox360 launched in the Fall 2005, accompanied by very few launch titles. Many weren't very good and did not remain in anyone's minds, or hearts, with the exception of one Xbox Live Arcade game: Geometry Wars. Now after several years have gone by, the fellows at Bizarre Creations have blessed the world by releasing another Geometry Wars game for Xbox Live Arcade. If you were a fan of the original game, this sequel will only expand your love for the growing franchise.

If you've never played the first Geometry Wars, you won't be missing any of the fun that GW2 provides. With the original game, there was only one game mode. You were a white ship in a large rectangular square, enemies would appear in the corners of the screen, and you'd shoot by holding the right stick in their direction. GW2 doesn't make any drastic changes to the gameplay. But rather just adds plenty new modes for you to fool around with."

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GiantEnemyCrab3745d ago

Another AAA XBLA arcade title to add to the ever growing list.

Between GeoWars 2 and Braid I haven't put a retail disc in my box since they came out. Too Human will change that.

n9com3745d ago

I bet you GW3 is already in development

d2dahoopa3745d ago

i would love to se what its going to be like aswell, it cvould be a while before three comes out though,, especially if they try and put online on it.