IGN: Henry Hatsworth Hands-On

It all begins with the two Kyles. In 2005, they began the Experimental Gameplay Project, an undertaking in which one person had seven days to make a game. Some crazy ideas were born and the Experimental Gameplay Project became famous within certain development circles. More and more games came to fruition. And eventually, the two Kyles jumped headfirst into legitimate game development. Kyle Gabler formed 2D Boy, currently readying the highly-anticipated WiiWare project World of Goo.

Kyle Gray went to work for Tiburon and is now leading a seven-man team responsible for Electronic Arts' new DS title, Henry Hatsworth. It falls under the company's Casual Entertainment label, but there's plenty of hardcore appeal to be found in the unique effort, which is one part adventure and one part platformer. Not in a gimmicky way, but with real synergy, as for the first time there's genuinely intelligent design powering the symbiotic relationship between the two genre types, which play out seamlessly on the handheld's two screens.

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