10 Games that Need the Mega Man 9 Treatment

Capcom is giving gamers the Mega Man game they have always wanted. What took ya so long? And more importantly, why haven't other games turned to their pixilated roots when MM9 is making it look so damned easy? Tecmo Bowl is about to rise to the occasion. Konami's kept the retro flavor lasting long and hard with Contra 4 and every blissfully successive Castlevania handheld. Capcom? Good lord, recreations of Mega Man, Street Fighter, Bionic Commando, 1942 - you know what? For the purposes of this feature, Capcom gets a gold star!

Yet, GamesRadar couldn't help but figure that a few franchises, even if not altogether broken, could benefit by taking one more dip in the nostalgic quarry of yester-year. It doesn't have to damage your next-gen canon, and imagine how many gamers could be coaxed out of retirement with an upgrade to a cherished franchise they hold dear. What GamesRadar has done is average out the aggregated review scores of the latest games in a given franchise. The lower that tally, the more in need of classic re-visitation.

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Yi-Long3721d ago

... but at number 1 MUST be Monkey Island. Everyone who has played the first 2 games, longs for a REAL part 3, without the cartoon-style or 3d graphics.
A 2d Monkey island in the same graphical style as pt. 1 and 2, and obviously with the same humour and storytelling.

Other classic 2d games that I'd like to see make a return, are Superfrog (Amiga), and maybe Flashback...