Best PSP bundle with Madden NFL 09 for $199

This is by far the best PSP bundle to date. For $199, the bundle includes a blue PSP, possibly the best Madden ever in Madden NFL 2008, Beats, and a 1GB Memory Stick Duo. If you don't have a PSP and is looking to get one, this is it.

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phil23193721d ago

wow come on its madden 2009 who proofread this

barom3721d ago

lmao I just lost what little interest I had for this site. Seeing it was actually submitted by psdirect I've actually begun to hate the site.

zo6_lover273721d ago

I went to gamestop and walmart today and neither had this bundle, at least I didn't see any.

TOSgamer3721d ago

If you want to order online.

mistertwoturbo3721d ago

How is this the best bundle? The God of War one is.

chanto233721d ago

for 199.99 you don't get the 1GB card which cost up to 19.99 each...and no Beats either...

but the red PSP is sickkkkkk!!!!!

TOSgamer3721d ago

Madden 2k9, a NFL Films UMD and Beats (whatever the heck that is). GOW bundle has the game and Superbad UMD. So in terms of the amount of swag (quality opinions aside) the Madden bundle is better.

Kaleigh3721d ago

I didnt even know this bundle was being produced.. lol.. I just seen it while I was shopping so I had to have it since it was a SWEET BLUE so deep and rich in color.. Well my PSP broke so I needed a replacement anyways..

Does any of the New PSP's bundles come with a headset.. this bundle didn't. I bought the 1st Gen PSP and it came with remote, headphone and some other stuff..

All in all Im happy with it, Hope everyone else that got one is.

TOSgamer3721d ago

sleeves or cleaning cloths.

SpecialSauce3721d ago

im getting pretty bored of mine.

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