Game Studio Shocked That Fans Don't Like Their Pre-Order DLC

Kotaku: "Creative Assembly, the guys behind the Total War series—some of my favourite games—have along with publisher Sega tried something slightly different for their next release’s DLC. And it hasn’t gone down too well."

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DarkOcelet2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )


Sega and Creative Assembly took a main race that was available in the base game of their old games and made them as dlc in the new one. That is a huge WTF from them. Greed will get them nowhere.

SniperControl2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Problem is Dark, there will always be morons out there that will buy this kinda stuff, making it more attractive for dev and pubs to include it in future games. Your right, it's pure greed, it will be the death of gaming. ea started this trend with ubi and acti following suit.

DarkOcelet2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I don't buy games new from EA/Ubi/Acti anymore. If there is a game they made that i really crave, i wait till a complete edition becomes available for a cheap price.

MeteorPanda2617d ago

you release content dlc when the game has sold enough that you can then move on to stage 2... you guys learn nothing of the tragedy of kingdom of amalur? Don't count your chickens before they hatch!

rezzah2617d ago

What was the issue with Amalur? I got a copy but never understood why they went down.

MeteorPanda2616d ago

jist is basically they had so much in the works like an mmo, dlc and had planned it all with an imaginary budget, the game sold well but not enough to fund their wild ideas. there's a few articles that explain the insanity. Also greedy ppl.

Panzerkanzler2617d ago

Someone please explain something from the article to me. They claimed the chaos faction couldn't be done with the resources allocated to the main project/game and were thus made available as day 1 dlc via a preorder. But if the main game AND the pre order dlc were both made available at launch that means they funded them both. Then how the fuck can they claim the preorder dlc couldn't fit within the main projects funding? Who funded the dlc, santa claus? They also claimed preorder means the consumer needs to take a leap of faith. RomeII you assholes...RomeII.

DarkOcelet2617d ago

That is PR BS!

Creative Assemble really effed up with this one.

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