NGamer UK: Bangai-O Spirits Review

NGamer UK writes: "Think you're good at games? You can measure how hardcore you are by spending a couple of hours with Bangai-O – if your eyes are bleeding, your nerves are frazzled and you've torn your hair out in scalpy clumps, this game has just exposed you as a casual. What are you going to do about it, chump? Bangai-O is one of the most painfully difficult things around. But if you can manage to get your head around its freeform combination of puzzles and shooting, not to mention its finger-twisting controls, it's also one of the most satisfying."

You'll love

* Hundreds of puzzle-filled levels
* Limitless editing mode
* Invigorating challenge

You'll hate

* Tiny sprites hard to see
* Quite a bit of slowdown
* Definitely not for everyone

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