Sony Europe trademarks Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, The Mark of Kri, and War of the Monsters

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe just trademarked several titles from its PS2 catalog.

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DarkOcelet2674d ago


What are the chances of Dark Cloud 3 and Rouge Galaxy 2 now? OMG!
PSX cant come soon enough.

DiscoKid2674d ago

Dude stop it. You're getting me excited.

DarkOcelet2674d ago


Cant stop dat hype train!

NewMonday2674d ago

Rogue Galaxy is a great JRPG

indyman77772674d ago

I'll take it, but for a minute there I thought we going to get even more turn based jrpg's. Not turn based, but I'll take it.

bouzebbal2674d ago

yes guys pleaaaaase stop this is too much!
Mark of Kri was amazing!

freshslicepizza2674d ago

i'd love to see both of those games. the ps4 will rejuvenate japanese gaming which has fallen behind.

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Yui_Suzumiya2674d ago

Damn.. I was hoping to make here first to announce inb4ocelethasnerdgasm :/

DarkOcelet2674d ago

When it comes to Dark Cloud 3, i will always be there. Been waiting for that game for a long time :)

TheTwelve2674d ago


This is about to get good.

AizenSosuke2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

OMFG yes yes (and just as I was chilling outside in the snow not caring about anything else) When this trademark show up OMFG.

-Foxtrot2674d ago

Possible. I mean why choose these PS2 games first

Don't Level 5 have something to show off

DarkOcelet2674d ago

The wait for PSX is killing me right now.

-Foxtrot2674d ago

I know

Dark Cloud 3 could be a really good with their customization in re-building towns

Bathyj2674d ago

Mark of Kri. Yes, what an underrated gem. C'mon Sony you have so many of them. Get g police, colony wars, war hawk and rollcage happening.

3-4-52674d ago

Never owned a PS2 or any PS console actually but Dark Cloud 1&2 & Rogue Galaxy look awesome.

I love the art styles of both, and if I ever bought a PS4 I'd for sure buy a new Rogue Galaxy & Dark Cloud game.

DarkOcelet2674d ago


Then you missed out on tons of masterpieces. You are going to have some great time when you play those PS2 games.

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NatureOfLogic_2674d ago

I never got around to playing Rogue Galaxy on PS2. I've heard nothing but great things about it though.

DiscoKid2674d ago

Severely underrated, due to the fact it was released near the end of the PS2 life cycle.

LiViNgLeGaCY2674d ago

Absolutely phenomenal game. That's all I have to say.

the_dark_one2674d ago

huuum, im a bit skeptical about this, if they are sequels then........ HOLY CRAP, but most provably its just their ps2 to ps4 emulation thing and if reports are true then only digital. but i seriously doubt they are sequels

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Fro_xoxo2674d ago

Ive always wanted to play the mark of kri

oh snap! this could be for the PS2 Emulation...

MasterCornholio2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Just buy it and play it on your PS4 then.

Nothing wrong with that.


robtion2674d ago

It was an awesome game back on ps2. Great stealth and combat. Not sure how it's aged though.

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