Is Offline Gaming a Thing of the Past?

Like Saved by the Bell and Mighty Max, offline games may have died with the '90s.

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DarkOcelet1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

"When you purchase a game that functions primarily or entirely online, dependent on servers maintained and paid for by the publisher, you’re basically paying $60 for a long-term rental. When they pull that plug, your game disc is no longer a game disc it’s a small, crappy Frisbee. "

That is why most of my games are Single player only because a couple years from now, all those online only titles like Battlefront/R6Seige/Evolve/ Destiny/ The Crew and the upcoming, The Division servers will be closed and those games will be useless.

But games like The Witcher 3/Fallout 4/MGSV etc etc etc will be there for me to play until i die.

SniperControl1230d ago

I have Just Cause 3 on PC via Steam, my ISP is in the process of upgrading my internet, so my service is up and down like a yoyo. i tried playing JC3 the other day(internet was down) and it wouldn't let me play, i needed a active internet connection, even in Steam offline mode it asked me to boot Steam into online mode, OK a little pi553d at this, so i decided to play FIFA 16, guess what???

To go into offline mode on origin, you first need to be online, what kind of f****d up logic is that ea, no wonder everybody bloody hates you.

As a 99% Single player, this trend of each game having a online element truly grates me, i really could not give a toss about online play or live leaderboards.

DarkOcelet1230d ago

Really? You have to be online first in Fifa to play offline? WTF?

No wonder people pirate games, because those versions actually works without all the BS that is associated with it.

Shineon1230d ago

Yeah DRM rears it's ugly head, hopefully more publishers and developers will put their games in GOG. Offline mode is a joke if DRM is involved

snoopgg1230d ago

Yeah I bought Socom Confrontation last gen on ps3 and it is now just a coaster to me. I won't be buying any coasters this generation.

3-4-51230d ago

I still play more than %50 of my games offline and I'd prefer most of them to stay that way.

* 3D Mario, Legend of Zelda, RPG's, RTS games against the CPU, Tactics type of strategy games, racing games, sports games......

The online experience is only a must for FPS games, and even then if they included bots like Perfect Dark, we could play offline as well.

Apocalypse Shadow1231d ago

The day games are only online is the day I'll quit gaming or go back to playing old games and homebrew like I always do.

When I see games require online connection to just play,I uninstall them or skip them. I've dabbled in some games like DC online. But moved on because there wasn't any offline campaign.I like playing with other people,but don't feel the need to be connected to them 24/7.

Also,you give developers like EA(hate the sh*t out of them.but you know that already) more control with shutting games down to get you to buy their latest installment.

forced upgrades.who wants that?forced closures.who wants that?

Agent_00_Revan1230d ago

Agreed. I have enough games the I missed playing in the past, or just want to replay, that I could survive with. I passed up Battlefront because it was online only, and that hurt because I loved the other 2 so much. But after the beta I just wasn't feeling it.

And the games eventually shutting down it the biggest concern. Or what happens when no one else is playing it? A while back I tried to replay Gears of War with Co-op, but couldn't find anyone. And when I finally did, they quit after 5 minutes. And that was just trying to find 1 person for Co-op, not even trying to populate an online competition match.

Not every game can be like Counter Stirke and live forever online. Most of these games have a limited life expectancy. And some unfortunately only last a few months before people stop caring, like Evolve.

BrianOBlivion1230d ago

Agreed as well. I am a perpetual gamer, meaning there is always some game that I am playing at any one time, however, I still have not touched 90% of my collection. If I am forced to stop buying games by douchebag manoeuvres within the industry such as always-online drm, I'm pretty sure my backlog could last the rest of my life.
If they still want the top slot (or any place) in my recreation budget, this needs to stop.

rainslacker1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Online should never be required to play the SP component of a game. It's OK to add online features into the SP if it's done properly, and obviously, a game meant to be an online game will have to be online. It's sad that publishers are trying to force these connections in the guise of a better experience, when 9 times out of 10 it just ends up being superfluous, or a complete impairment to playing the game we might have been anticipating for a while. nothing sucks worse than not being able to play that game you pre-ordered, got day one, then having it unplayable or only marginally playable due to draconian practices.

I've been loving MGSV, but having to wait as it logs in when connected to PSN, only to have to page through the same 10 pages of announcements every time I boot it up is kind of lame, and serves absolutely no purpose to the SP campaign, and since I care nothing about the MP, it only keeps me away from actually playing. The other online features in the SP campaign are OK enough, but wish they weren't so tied to a MT model. Unfortunately, it's pretty obvious they made it super expensive to upgrade stuff just to try and encourage you to use those MT to get money faster.

Other than that, SP games will always exist so long as there is a market for them. Just because there are more MP games today, doesn't mean SP is on the decline. There would have to be a rather sizable chunk of SP only players leaving the market for them to go uncatered to by the publishers.

Masterchief_thegoat1230d ago

I wish halo 5 had offline mode

ninsigma1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

No, it certainly isn't a thing of the past. We are seeing an increase in multiplayer games which is fine. It's how things were always going to go but in no way does that mean sp games are a thing of the past. We have the likes of horizon zero dawn, the last guardian, gears of war, quantum break, ratchet and clank, firewatch, rime and so many more next year which are games known for their sp modes. Most of those I listed don't have an mp or online mode so they'll be purely offline.

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