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COGconnected2616d ago

Still some amazing deals, even after the black friday madness!

MzDino2616d ago

It's great to see deals happening, given that games are getting so pricey nowadays.

InTheZoneAC2616d ago

games aren't getting pricier...unless you're talking about dlc but that shouldn't be compared to the actual price of a game.

Paulhammer2616d ago

This just proves what an overblown gong show Black Friday is. There are always deals!

Digital_Anomaly2616d ago

And best thing about Amazon... no dealing with the mall/public etc!

generalwinter2616d ago

Yeah Amazon is good for regular deals on games!

Forbidden_Darkness2616d ago

Thing thing is though, all these games were cheaper on BF.

Eonjay2616d ago

Not to mention a 299 PS4 this weekend.

Digital_Anomaly2616d ago

I've been contemplating getting a second one. At that price I can see myself pulling the trigger.

Digital_Anomaly2616d ago

@cpayne One for the living room and one for the man cave!

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