Ori and the Blind Forest Wins Best “Art Direction” at the Game Awards 2015

Xbox One and PC title Ori and the Blind Forest won the “Best Art Direction” award at The Game Awards 2015. It beat out a ton of great games from Metal Gear Solid V to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

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DarkOcelet2743d ago

Great news. The game had an amazing art style. Congrats Moon Studios.

donthate2743d ago

It is well deserved!

A great game that should have won far more awards.

no_more_heroes2743d ago

Should've won best soundtrack, too. Powerful stuff.

ginsunuva2743d ago

But this is Geoff Keighley's awards. They have to give at least something to every game for "fairness".

Except for Bloodborne, cause obviously this was a MS-paid show.

Caedus5112743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Right...MS paid event...That explains why Rocket League beat Forza for best racer/sports game. Thanks for clearing that up.

*edit* Not trying to knock Rocket League at all, the game looks like a blast to play and I'm excited to be getting it on the Xbox One in February. Also I would like to add, I'm unsure why the lumped racers with sports games, I would normally consider them separate categories.

ultimatetruth2742d ago

Hell yeah, that explains why Halo 5 and Forza swept all the awards and...Oh wait....

Do you think before posting? Just curious

Paytaa2743d ago

This game was very nice to the eyes. I remember Moon Studios saying every asset in the art is hand crafted and you never see the same thing twice. Really cool and hope we see more from Moon at some point.

YinYangGaming2743d ago

Game is one of those gems you get in a gen where I would recommend that everyone give it a go, a truly special game. Hoping for a sequel or spiritual successor from Moon Studios, really talented, passionate devs!

ger23962743d ago

And at $10, it's a no brainer.

ninsigma2743d ago

Nice. That's a decision I can get behind. Wonderful game with an equally wonderful art style :)

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