Dear Konami

VGU writes - "Dear Konami,

We’re a small site and we can only do what we do here with the support of the large video game publishers who send us review copies of games early, provide us with press resources and the like. Konami are one such company who we have been lucky enough to work with over the few years since we launched, not only for their video game content but also on their trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh. So please Konami, understand the magnitude of your actions which have led to this moment when I say this. Fuck off Konami. Just fuck off, please."

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DarkOcelet2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

"So rather than let Cinderella go to the ball, they have locked her up in the basement and sent the ugly sisters instead (sorry Kiefer, I love you but I love this analogy more)."

LOL!, good read. Konami is ruining their image more and more everyday. I wont be sad when they go down under.

Relientk772147d ago

Dear Konami,

You suck.


The gamers

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OpieWinston2147d ago

That analogy did work... Sucks that Kiefer was the one to basically take the brunt of the force at the show from people.

3-4-52147d ago

The thing is, it's not ALL of Konami. Can't blame the low level employees who obviously are talented and care.

It's the top upper management with their arrogant ways.

Whoever is running the show there is a control pervert.

DarkOcelet2147d ago

Yeah, i know. The people who are managing the company sucks. I dont know what the hell they are thinking.

If it did close, i will not feel bad for the employees because they deserve to be working in a place where they are treated much better than this.

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Doodleburger2147d ago

Dear small site:

Grow the hell up. You don't even know the full story, yet you viciously defend kojima like he is a god. Drink the kool aid if you want, but your baseless opinions and accusations make you, and all of the other kojima cult members look absolutely retarded.

Uglyday2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Is Forbes a small site? Maybe Google Kojima game awards and see that everyone is covering this in pretty much the same light?

DarkOcelet2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Dear Doodleburger:

I find it extremely hard that you are even trying to defend Konami or know the full story when they are the ones doing retarded $hit like this.

Kojima on Vacation my #$$

KwietStorm_BLM2147d ago

And your comment makes you look like..what exactly?

hellothere19772147d ago

it makes him look like someone with a brain. it makes him look like someone who can do their own research and reach logical conclusions as oppose to the mindless drones sounding off the dribble the "journalists" tell them to believe.

gninja922147d ago

If Konami were innocent they would make a statement, and "lay the card out on the table" , so to speak. . but they don't why? Are they not aware that even if these people bashing them is unfounded, never the less it is happening, and it is likely to affect their business.

What more likely is happening is that they are hoping this stuff will die down and then back to business as usual.

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Uglyday2147d ago

Up,Up, I hope you stay the F down.
Left right left right, no fans in sight.
B,A are curses above your station.
Select a cliff and Start you way off it. I guess you already have.

mezati992147d ago

This was an amazing read

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