Oceanhorn Latest Update Adds Even Better Graphics Options

GS: Back in October the Zelda inspired iOS game Oceanhorn has received a new update which added advanced graphical settings that took advantage of iOS 9. However if you’re planning to play the game on an iPad Pro, you will be able to enjoy even better graphics thanks to the latest update.

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rhap1231d ago

This game is great. Had lots of fun completing it.

3-4-51231d ago

I have this on my STEAM Wishlist. I'll wait for another sale though but good to know it can look even better.

Doesn't it play somewhat similar to Loz ?

rhap1230d ago

Yeah, it's very similar. Only Zelda game I played is A Link to the Past for SNES, but I know of many other games that copied the formula and Oceanhorn is one of them who did it and managed to improve.