Shadow Complex Remastered is Out Now, and its FREE

In an Apple-esque turn of events, Epic released Shadow Complex Remastered for PC Today, and its FREE for the Holidays! (it has its own launcher, but whatever.)

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gillri1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Best Metroidvania game ever (that isn't Castlevania or Metroid) for me, I hope this is a sign of a potential sequel in the works

camel_toad1232d ago

Yep I'm hoping it's because of a sequel. Smart + classy making the remaster free too. Dling it now - loved it on xbox. Would definitely buy the sequel.

ZeroSkerbo1232d ago

This game is amazing! They didn't change much with the remaster, but its runs crazy smooth now which was totally needed. Any PC player that hasn't tried this yet needs to give it a swing

Braid1232d ago

Man, that's some attitude. Kudos to the developers for the generous offer, I'll try it as soon as I can.

MasterD9191231d ago

I had a blast with this game...consider it downloaded!